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 Warranty Disclaimer Last Updated: 13 August 2020 

  • The base unit of the RoyalVibe has a 5-year Warranty.
  • The Quality of Health Analyzing Kit has a 1-year Warranty. 
  • This is a “carry-in” warranty and any cost for transport to CellQuicken offices will be for the clients’ account. CellQuicken also takes no responsibility for any damages incurred as a result of courier transporting. 


  • Any manual alterations made to these devices in an attempt to try and fix it or to make alterations to it will result in a lapse of this warranty. 
  • Should any seals be tampered with, altered or removed, it will result in a lapse of the warranty disclaimer. 
  • Any wear and tear due to usage will NOT be covered by this warranty. Certain components will degrade over time due to usage, and as such, will NOT be covered by this warrant disclaimer. Should any wear and tear devices need fixing or replacing, these will be for the owner’s account and is NOT CellQuicken’s responsibility nor do we remain liable for any costs incurred. Wear and tear are also applicable to the automated switch. The life-expectancy on internal functions will not exceed 100 000 on/off switches before it reaches the category of wear and tear. 
  • This Warranty ONLY covers manufacturing faults or flaws. Should these be identified, your device/s will be repaired according to the conditions of this warranty disclaimer and returned to you. 
  • Should the device/s not be fixable, a new device will be supplied to you, carrying the same warranty disclaimer. 
  • Any damage incurred due to power spikes/surges/harmonics; dropping; physical damage; and or any other neglect will NOT be covered by this warranty. Any faults will be tested, and should any of these damages be identified, it will not qualify as a warranty disclaimer. 
  • Should you need to send your device/s in to identify any problem/concern or malfunction, this WILL result in a fee/cost to identify this problem. This cost is for your account. Should the identified fault/problem fall within the conditions of this warranty disclaimer, it will be covered at no cost. Should it not fall within this warranty disclaimer and you wish to commence with fixing, the costs incurred will be for your account. 
  • Loss of the product/s due to theft, or damage due to riots or any form of mistreatment such as water/fire damage in the hands of the owner/s or other parties will NOT be covered by this warranty disclaimer. 
  • Overheated products/devices are not covered by this warranty disclaimer. Overheating is caused when covered by any type of fabric/s or materials. Overheating is clearly evident and identified when taken in for repairs at the factory. Covering the product/s by any means inhibits heat dissipation resulting in said overheating and malfunctioning. 
  • All other accessories such as cabling do not carry a warranty. 
  • Should you, as the primary (first) owner of a new product, resell your device/s to a third party (second-hand) and transfer full ownership, this original purchase warranty disclaimer is forfeited and the remainder will NOT be carried over to the new or transferred owner. You remain responsible for informing said party that this remaining warranty becomes null and void the minute this reselling transaction is concluded. Only owners of NEW devices are privy to this warranty disclaimer. Second-hand devices are not covered by this warranty disclaimer.