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Frequency Environment Signal


Sep 19 2014 posted by Clarissa

We find many potential clients not believing the possibility of energy healing and we thought it well to put these videos on a page as to assist the understanding of how energy healing can work. It is a microbiologist’s view point that points out how the body really works and how the way we are told the body work is not correct.

It is in total 2 and a half hours of biology education but then if you are serious about knowing if you can heal without the need for chemical correction, you will spend the time.

Dr Bruce Lipton is not affiliated with us but we support all his teachings.
He talks about the perception that will be the driving force of healing but we know it is not easy to change the perceptions and therefore one must bypass the critical mind and talk direct to the body. You need a electronically disguised approach for cell communication penetration and transmit the signal direct to the cell receptive.