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Answers to frequent questions regarding Scalar Technology in Autism.

In answer to the question of my opinion on serious diseases such as terminal illnesses, serious contagious illnesses, and autism the technology behind Scalar medicine should be looked at by Homeland Security as I feel this technology would greatly decrease their work load and make them able to more completely fulfill the objectives of protecting America. I am fully qualified to answer this question as my training and expertise are in immuno-neuro-toxicology and have many published articles in “Peer Reviewed Medical Literature”. A copy of the following review will help explain this technology.

Recently, I have had the opportunity to to review the abnormal frequency evaluations on 4 Autistic children and have been very concerned over the large amount of pathology that these youngsters are burdened with. Its seems that the damage to their humeral and immune systems has allowed them to function like a sponge when exposed to many pathogens, which in turn has greatly increased their autism problems. As you know the best treatment protocols are using a natural approach much like Dr. Buie’s approach at Harvard. I feel the addition of this technology will enable the family to better deal with the childs frequent illnesses and enable them to heal more completely.

Zane R. Gard, M.D.


Careful review of “scientific literature” reveals that scalar electromagnetic energy is the preferred method of identifying the true etiology and treatment of disease. The combined work of Antoine Priore, a french scientist, and Royal Raymond Rife, an American scientist, offer the best review of this subject and both have recorded results in treating a wide variety of diseases. In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s Antoine Priore and a teem of leading French scientists demonstrated conclusive, total remissions of terminal disease in hundreds of laboratory animals. Royal Raymond Rife and his associates from 1930 on also had the same results, however in human patients. His work and experiments were carried out in many research hospitals in the United States only to be stopped by the hostility of the medical pharmaceutical companies much as was Antoine Priore’s work. Physicians in the U.S.A were informed by the AMA that if they used this machine they would be barred from the practice of medicine. Today most of the physicians in practice are unaware of this work, since most of the physicians living during Rife’s time are now deceased.

Only some of the early work of Royal Rife is recorded from which many treatment devices were developed which are in use today. Much of that original work was lost due to the constant pilfering of components, photographs, film, and written records from Rife’s laboratory. Even pieces of his Universal microscope were stolen and later an arson fire destroyed the multi-million dollar Burnett Lab in New Jersey, just as scientists there were preparing to announce confirmation of Rife’s work.

Many of the Rife machines that were produced later did not have the same results as the original Rife Machine and none of them had the ability to identify the abnormal frequencies. The efficacy of many of these devices is questionable today in that they are not based on the complete science of scalar energy.

Because of the problems that Royal Rife had with the establishment, his last work was never recorded, however it was passed on through many of his associates such as Alton Pigg who spent the greater part of his life working with him. Alton Pigg continued to work in this field until his death in the mid 90’s at the age of 94 or 95. He started with Rife as a laboratory boy in his teens and continued with him until shortly before Rife’s death in 1971. He continued working in this field until his death in the late 1990’s. Alton Pigg and an associate recorded over 2900 patients with cancer that went into remission. Royal Rife’s last instrument (EMT) meets the criteria of true scalar therapy for a successful vacuum engine, where as only the original Rife machine did. Also his latest instruments are capable of diagnosing abnormal frequencies, which gives it a real advantage over other instruments. In a large comparison of these machines the EMT machine was decided the best and most reliable.

It is debatable to this day whether anyone including Royal Raymond Rife nor Antoine Priore could explain the mechanism utilized by their machines, but neither wouldn’t or couldn’t explain the curative mechanism. Both are based on what has become known as frequency medicine. Both certainly knew how to build the machine and make them work.

Probably the best hypothesis (theory) on the curative mechanism is based on the work by Col. Tom E. Beardon who spent 10 years in discovering the mechanism by which these machines work. Their machines represented an entirely new approach to medical therapy – one which can dramatically, diagnose, treat and cure a wide variety of diseases. The electrical physics is based on the Stoney, Whittake, and Ziolkowski decomposition of the scalar EM potential into bidirectional EM wave pairs. The deliberate assembly of such a structure forms a vacuum engine of nested curvatures of local space-time. Priore and Rife unwittingly made such ahyper-spatiallystructured vacuum engine with the special characteristic that it time-reversed (differentiated) diseased cells backto their earlier normal state. Both of their approaches not only produced remission of a specific targeted disease, but also fully restores the cells and “factories” of the patients immune system because they too revert back to their previous healthy condition.”

Magnetic waves are well-known to deeply penetrate the entire body, down to every cell including in the bone marrow, to all the stem cells, and will also penetrate INSIDE every cell down to every part inside it. So Rife and Prioré utilized a “carrier magnetic wave” for transport of inserted longitudinal waves, and that carrier guaranteed thatall parts of the entire body of the animal (or person) were reachedby the transported rhythmic squeezes of curved space time oscillations (those inner longitudinal waves that were the “conditioning” and therefore were the “engines”).

A living cell has an exact and very specific associated “engine” with its dynamics, for the cell’s exact and very specific condition and dynamics—which includes its states and actions ongoing at every part of the cell, even inside the atomic nuclei.

When a cell has an induced physical or chemical or other change, it is because its fundamental “engine” has changed, thus acting a bit differently on the cell and physically changing it.

In short, for a normal cell, there is an exact “normal” engine acting on the mass and all its internal structures at even the finest levels. The mass-energy and its dynamics of course interacts back upon the curvatures of space time (the engine), per general relativity, and when equilibrium is reached, the cell in that condition has a very exact engine, whose dynamics etc. are in equilibrium and “functioning normally”.

For a damaged or diseased cell, consider it as anexactly modifiedcell. There is also anexactmodifiedengine for that cell and its exact condition, again down to the finest level including even the atomic nuclei. The damaged cell is in equilibrium with that “modified engine”, hence its stable “damaged state”. All the normal functioning areas of the body are unaffected by this exact modified engine.

Since force vectors add, engines add vectorially. Thus the “disease engine” is actually the vector sum of a completely normal cellular engine with an added “delta” engine added , representing the exact “bad condition” or “disease condition”.

We emphasize: If one creates an exact “delta anti-engine” and adds it into that disease or damage engine, it zeros out the delta component, leaving a normal cellular engine. Then gradually as the normal engine acts on the cell, it will gradually reverse the cell back to it’s normal condition and functioning. Engines and anti-engines are identified by their frequency.

The ability to completely rejuvenate the body, and even make it young again is obvious. That is the main reason that the medical chemical pharmaceutical powers of the world so steadfastly suppressed such medical innovation. If this was to happen, more than half of their entire lucrative medical practice would disappear.

Everything has a frequency. Every person has a personal frequency. This frequency could be measured with Rife’s original machine, but not by most of the Rife Machines in use today. Many of the machines in use today have a cook book approach to disease, therefore are not accurate and in fact can actually harm those using this approach. For best results it is wise to scan for abnormal frequencies and treat accordingly. Many of the failures using even the right machine are due to poor patient compliance and not following directions. One has to also correct all environmental problems and follow a careful natural diet. When this is done, the results of 1000’s of cases is remarkable.

It is well documented that modern scientific medical practice, pharmaceutical, homeopathy, and naturopathy all work by creating frequencies. In the development of creating a frequency, pharmaceuticals create many unwanted frequencies that create side effects and can actually hinder healing and further damage the cellular immune systems. The goal is to remove all abnormal frequencies and restore normal balance to the body without creating more health problems now or in the future. Modern scientific medicine fails to meet these goals.

In order to understand the etiology of disease processes such as cancer, severe infections, Aids, Attention Deficit Syndrome, Autism, and Gulf War Syndrome etc., it is well to review the model on their development in the articles authored by Tom E. Bearden titled Vacuum Engines and Priore’s Methodology: The True Science of Energy Medicine, published in Explore, Part 1 and Part 2 , 1995. When this is done you will find that conventional medical models specifically are useless when confronted with something such as these diseases. Therefore when conventional medical science attempts to deal with these diseases, they are baffled and their treatments usually fail them. Until we get politics and the influence of big pharmaceutical companies out of medicine, these disease will continue and will become an even bigger threat to our future. Experience has clearly shown that the approach of frequency medicine works and is the answer to our medical problems today. This approach also will protect us from the many effects of terrorist activities today.

A brief summary of the more detailed explanation in Tom Beardon’s articles is as follows:
Our bodies function on electromagnetic energy. All environmental surroundings including electronic appliances, contaminated food and water, medications, vaccinations, air we breath, etc. create electromagnetic energy we refer to as electromagnetic smog. Minor smog exposures have little effect on our cellular and immune systems and would usually require decades of exposure at very low EM smog levels to produce a disease state. High EM smog levels will dramatically accelerate cellular and immune system damage. This accelerated malfunctioning of the cellular control system and the immune system enhances the effects of other biological suppressants already present in the body or encountered during the dense signal environment exposure period. These augmented suppressants include the degradation due to the individuals prior lifetime EM smog exposure, attack by unfamiliar disease organisms endemic to the areas, exposure to petrochemicals and pollutants, exposure to increased UV from solar radiation, and exposure to chemical agents and possible surreptitious biological warfare agents. Add to this the threat of vaccines and the threat is greatly increased.

An adult with a fully functioning cellular and immune system will require a rather dense exposure to smog, whereas during the first three months of life, only a minor dense exposure such as immunization will cause a tremendous amount of damage.

An example is the Gulf War Syndrome. In addition to the exposures in the battle field, all troops were hastily protected from possible chemical and biological attack by administering a nerve agent called pyridostigmine bromide; in addition, approximately 150,000 were inoculated with anthrax vaccine, and 8,000 also received experimental botulism toxin shots.

In other words, a low level of the disease strain was created in the soldiers. Further, even after the apparent “initial recovery,” there will be a much longer dormant “apparently healthy” period during which the vacuum engine templates for the disease remain, until they have finally decayed away. In a sustained dense signal environment, the “decay away” period may be dramatically extended or never occur; in fact, the disease may progress from the vacuum engine state to the low level physical state, then into a fully developed syndrome

If the immune system and cellular control system are impaired, a shadow state of disease can gradually progress to a “low level’ of disease, then to a higher level, and eventually to an even higher level becoming serious or even life threatening.

In this model the disease entry and development occur by successively:


creating its shadow state and successfully maintaining it in spite of the cellular control system’s phase conjugation efforts,


breaching the threshold of physical changes, so that al least physical indicators of the struggle by the now-involved immune system appear,


progressing until conventional medicine recognizes “low level disease of infection,’”


increasing until conventionally-recognized “developed disease or infection,”


increasing until the disease is serious and even life-threatening, and


increasing until the patient can no longer sustain life and dies.

We note that the best preventative medicine would and should be practiced at the shadow infection level, however modern medicine fails to do this. The Frequency Medicine approach is capable of doing that. Unfortunately conventional science medicine fails to recognize the early stages of disease and will label them as due to aging, mental stress, or ordinary rise of diseases. They do however, recognize the overt late phase of the disease syndrome, but its cause and effective treatment remain and will remain medical mysteries to them.