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The CellQuicken RoyalVibe is a natural sound frequency device that aids the body  to restoration at a cellular level. The device uses ultrasound at low output, high frequency, enhancing the energy levels on a cellular level. This therapy takes place while you sleep or working at a desk or at rest.

The CellQuicken Sound Health Decoder allows you to identify the underlying cause and origin of your condition. It will give
you a report indicating the underlying causes of the symptoms you are

The CellQuicken EnviroVibe Comprises the integration of structured, energy imprinted water allowing for greater hydration of cells. This is highly recommended for Cancer patients. 

BrainVibe By making use of the BrainVibe you can eliminate your limiting beliefs. You can now create empowering beliefs to achieve your goals, improve your life and have better health. 

Personalized Treatment Protocol is designed for your individual health concerns by our team of Doctors both locally and Internationally. This is to be used on your Ultrasound Device. (RoyalVibe) 

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