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The Law of attraction does not work for most people tempting to change their lives.

We believe that we have the holy grail to fix this.

The law of attraction will not work if there are conflicting beliefs.

You try attracting money, but you believe that money is the root of all evil. You see what I mean? You will not get more money!

Energy flows: That is the secret that is not applied to the secret on attracting what you want.

Common law:

Opposites attract.So how do you explain the law of attraction?
Here it is:

Energy flows through where there is the least resistance. The belief; “money is the root of all evil” is a resistance so you will not attract more money in your life if that belief does not change frequency. If you resonate to a set frequency, you make it easy to have that same frequency to flow (energy will follow the path of least resistance.

Where the “law of attraction” gurus said you can attract anything into your life, they were correct; they only used the incorrect wording: instead by saying’you can have anything flow into your life you want” will make morescenetosomeonethat understands energy flow.

Now to have that energy flowing through you, you need to eliminate the blockages that will include, belief system and DNA repair.

This is where CellQuicken comes to the aid. We apply force energy to change the belief frequency hence the name “Quicken” and this is done on a cellular level not a positive thinking level. By applying the frequencies on a cellular level and with scalar energy, you are re-encoding your DNA and when the duplication takes place to form new cells, you are influencing the characteristic of that cell with out the memory of the old unwanted frequency.