• We know that cell functions adjust to new vibrational indoctrination over a period of time and therefor the user must use the CellQuicken Ultrasound Treatment device on a daily basis to have noticeable results. 

 • Some results are more evident within shorter periods than others. If a client does not feel/experience any benefit after continuous use (monthly), they must contact the offices to ensure that they are using their device correctly and that their treatment program is aligned with the correct medical information provided. 


• The CellQuicken Company offers a twelve-month health improvement guarantee. This health guarantee covers health improvement within the body systems/organs/ organ functions. 

 • The health benchmark is taken by means of a health screening with the CellQuicken Quality of Health Analyzer and software, prior to the initial treatment being started. This is to be repeated fortnightly for the duration of treatment and usage. 

The guarantee is subject to: 

  • The user obtaining the correct diagnosis and treating the correct conditions/symptoms/causes. 
  • The user providing and disclosing previous illnesses, current discomforts/symptoms and diagnoses in the CellQuicken Medical Information and History form. 
  • The treatment must be compiled by a CellQuicken preferred health provider and a revision request ordered every 3 months. The relevant Treatment Protocols, according to your conditions, must be strictly adhered to. The various Treatment Protocols, designed by our medical team, are easily accessible on the RoyalVibe App. 
  • The client is to fortnightly ( every 2 weeks) monitor their progress via a health screening on the Quality of Health Analyzer. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that this health screening is loaded onto CellQuicken’s online portal for self-comparison with previous results. It is the client’s responsibility to bring it to the attention of CellQuicken staff should there not be any progress from one month to the next, or if there are any results which are disconcerting to the client. 
  • The client must use the device daily for at least 6 (six) hours per day and 6 days per week even if the client reports substantial improvement within days or weeks. It is accepted that cell functions adjust to new vibrational levels and frequencies over time. 


The guarantee has fulfilled its purpose when these screenings are compared at any given time with the benchmark (i.e., original screening prior to treatment) and have shown an improvement in any aspect and/or with written/verbal confirmation from the client that benefits have occurred. 


Under no circumstances are we suggesting that you do not adhere to your medical doctor’s advice. The Ultrasound Treatment device has not been tested on/ during pregnancy. CellQuicken cannot guarantee that the use of the CellQuicken product range is beneficial to a person’s specific health condition or that you will be cured of any ailment. The EnviroVibe contains a magnetic field and any persons with a pacemaker or other implants need to use caution and remain a safe distance (500mm) away from the EnviroVibe. By using the CellQuicken product range and making use of frequency generation systems, you, the user, understand and accept that you have no demand or expectation of curing any ailment. The client also understands that the use of the CellQuicken product range affords no negative physical or mental effects on the human body and that neither CellQuicken, nor their representatives will be held liable for such anomalies. You, the user, understand that the Quality of Health Analyzer & subsequent reports are not a medical diagnosis but merely detects any imbalances within the 256 relevant testing points. Moreover, the user voluntarily accepts all responsibility for the use and application of all frequencies generated by our systems. You, the user, understand that any product purchased is subject to CellQuicken’s return policy as set out. 

All returns are subject to obtaining an authorization number from customer service via email to