is alternative medicine a viable alternative cancer treatment? 

can you trust it?

If you are diagnosed with breast cancer consider the following:

If you are a breast cancer survivor, you may be elated, but also slightly concerned about it returning in other parts of the body. This is absolutely justified!

Have you pursued conventional or alternative approaches to ensure a positive breast cancer survival rate? Have you undergone a biopsy of your breast with the intent to detect early stage breast cancer?

Battering and bruising the body just to treat the symptoms (breast cancer) is not necessarily the best or only option available to you. You have choices!

Keep reading, you may be shocked to learn the following!





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breast cancer is more serious

than COVID-19!

cancer DAILY death rate - world 

Is cancer not a bigger threat than COVID-19? Look at these stats and YOU decide.

26 301
deaths per day
Covid-19 worst daily death rate - worldwide

Average stats per day since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic worldwide by the World Health Organization.

4 552
deaths per day

cancer free 5 years later

Breast cancer is not a death sentence.

Irene shared her breast cancer journey to recovery on live TV. She was "butchered" and  advised to commence with chemotherapy and possible radiation. Irene didn't rely on conventional or alternative medicine but rather turned to advanced  technology.


When diagnosed your mind freezes and all logic dissipates, and in your vulnerable state you accept any advice from the doctor. Why? Because you are terrified and want to live! 

i trust my doctor

Even though your doctor is trustworthy, they are still forced to give therapy approved by institutions due to vested interests. If they don't follow protocol they could risk losing their licence. 

what therapy is best?

No therapy must occur but rather a therapeutic strategy must be designed unique to your health history that brought you to this point in your life. 

why me?

That is probably the most important question as it will lead you on the trail to identify what went wrong that breast cancer evaded your sacred being. 

We are in the business of changing lives for complete health.

Losing your hair

is a sign that healthy cells are dying!


sHOULD i damage?

Your body is fighting for survival. Does it make sense to overwhelm it with invasive treatments that also damage cells?

or sHOULD I heal?

Shouldn't you rather support the body in fighting your breast cancer without needing to repair additional damage cause by conventional treatments?

We are in the business of changing lives for complete health.

let's get back to basics

Breast cancer is a symptom of an UNDERLYING problem.

Do I stick with conventional medicine?

conventional medicine

Do I venture into alternative medicine?

alternative medicine

the good, bad and sad of


  • The scientific research is normally the attraction to opt for conventional medicine. We need need to take the bad of the SAME research into consideration. 
  • Chemo and radiation have many side-effects which is the SAME thing you are fighting, called secondary cancer.
  • Conventional approaches suppress symptoms.
  • The body will NOT be able to return to health should the therapy be toxic and create an imbalance that affects the functionality of the body.


the good, bad and sad of


  • The attraction for alternative medicine is to NOT have a chemical imbalance that the body must cope with. 
  • Unfortunately many experience a lack of knowledge and understanding of how the body works or how to achieve complete health.
  • The training of alternative therapists are mostly focusing on the symptom as with conventional medicine. 
  • Various remedies are used to suppress a symptom that may or may not be as effective as conventional medicine but at least there is less intoxication and imbalance created. 



If not conventional OR alternative, is there a 3rd option? YES!

The underlying problem to the symptom must be addressed

Each diagnosis is made purely by assessing the symptoms and possibly thereafter confirmed with blood and or scan confirmation. Without tracing the root of the underlying compromised function the diagnosis remains a labeled symptom. 

No treatment should cause damage to healthy cells

No justification of damaging the cells should be considered as you go into battle knowing you will lose a battle yet hoping to win a war. You have the right not to allow your body to be used for scientific statistics resulting in damage irrespective of your unique health make-up.

Comprehensive body functions

If you focus on enhancing and rectifying the functions that placed you in this compromised health condition you increase your recovery rate significantly.

clear GUIDELINE to

your how to guide:


Obtaining complete health is not a one-size-fits-all approach as it has to be individualized specific to your unique health status. In spite of your current lifestyle choices, CellQuicken can aid you in obtaining health. A healthier body inevitably results in an altered lifestyle.

Step 1: analyze

"why did the cell become cancerous?"

Analyze the status of all body functions  to identify the real underlying reasons you are facing and the risks for getting specific conditions. Continuous monitoring of your health status will also indicate what nutritional shortages are needed, and when. 

* We enable the layman to analyze & understand their own health status!

Step 2: treat 

"why will or did it spread?"

A treatment strategy needs to address the real underlying reason manifesting itself as a symptom without invading natural organ and gland function. This eliminates the need for medication that is alien to the body and creates side-effects. This is the optimal therapy approach for complete health and wellness! 

* A therapy that fits ANY person's lifestyle as treatment is done while you are asleep.

time to act

I'm ready! what is my next step?

Let us connect you with one of our Personal Treatment Guides who can guide you on your next steps, provide more information and address any questions or concerns you may have.

Your are NOT alone! You have NOT run out of options! There is a lifelong solution, but you need to make the decision today to take action.

Only YOU have the power to make a difference to your current health status. WE have the technology and solutions, but we cannot change your health without YOU taking the next step!

We will guide you and show you the solution. Ready?

want to see how we achieve this?

Time to get SERIOUS about your health. Time to take SERIOUS action.

Get IN-TOUCH BECAUSE breast cancer is serious!

We take your health serious!

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We are in the business of changing lives for complete health.