We are in the business of changing lives for complete health.

How is medication/drugs working for you? 

what if technology could replace medication/drugs?

COVID-19 taught us to get serious about health. 

Isn't it time you get serious about your health?


About us

Helping you achieve complete health and wellness

The failing of conventional medicine by suppressing symptoms and NOT addressing the underlying reason or problem that has led to advancements in healthcare.

We enable you to pursue complete health using a strategy that complements or replaces conventional medication and treatment. 

Coping in our NEW world

Health lock down


Contributed daily death rates:

  • usa: 
    in excess of 1 293 per day

  • worldwide:
    20 547 per day


Contributed daily death rate due to medicine:

  • usa:
    In excess of 2 191 per day
  • world stats:


Contributed daily death rates:

  • usa:
    in excess of of 741 per day
  • world stats:
    7 945
    per day


Contributed daily death rates:

  • usa:
    In excess of 1 661 per day
  • world stats:
    26 301 per day

clear GUIDELINE to

achieve health: Step-by-step

Obtaining complete health is not a one-size-fits-all approach as it has to be individualized specific to your unique health status. In spite of your current lifestyle choices, we can aid you in obtaining complete health. A healthier body inevitably results in an altered lifestyle.

Step 1. Analysis

Analyze the status of all body functions to identify the real underlying problems you are facing and the risk of getting specific ailments. Continuous monitoring of your health status will also indicate any nutritional shortages, identify what supplementation is needed, how much and when. 

* We enable the layman to analyze & understand their own health status!

Step 2. Therapy

A treatment strategy needs to address the real underlying problem (that has manifested itself as a symptom) without invading natural organ and gland function. By using such a strategy you eliminate the need for medication that is alien to the body and creates side-effects. This is the optimal therapy approach for complete health and wellness! 

* A therapy that is suited to ANY person's lifestyle as treatment is carried out while you are sleeping.

Step 3. hydration

Water is a source of oxygen for better cell energy (as much as 30% more oxygen) to create better cell communication and organ functionality, resulting in a stronger immune system. Spring water is much more energized than filtered and tap water, and has far reaching health benefits.

* We have your daily hydration solution! 

Step 4. mental programming

By now you probably know that your beliefs are created by your upbringing and either limit or enhance your natural ability. This mental programming replays contentiously to shape your perception. Your mind is strong enough to alter your health status and it has been well documented in conventional medicine research, known as the placebo effect. 

* We enable you to reshape your mental programming.

Conventional therapies are extremely expensive and YOU PAY with side-effects. 

Alternative medicine sometimes leads you down the wrong path due to a lack of understanding.

Where's the middle-ground?

Entering the world of Sound

Sound has a  measurable and distinct vibration.


Sound has the ability to change your environment. Take a look at these flames. 

Just see the effect of sound changing the environment with a visible manifestation. Everything within our environment and our bodies react or respond to distinct sound vibrations

Using this scientific fact, it becomes very clear how Focused Ultrasound is able to rejuvenate the body to regain health.

why does sound impact you? 

Sound's distinctive vibration manifests visually and this manifestation is called resonance. 

NASA records planetary sound frequencies to identify their composition. They determine this through sound which is called vibrational resonance. In the same manner, by recording the body's sound vibrations we have the ability to analyze and report on the cells' and organs' functionalities and stress levels.

The sound vibration produces the real and immediate health status of cells and organs long before conventional blood tests can identify anomalies. By using the distinctive sound vibration we have the ability to guide the compromised resonating sound vibrations of cells, organs and/or functions to regain health.

What is Focused Ultrasound?

It is the reshaping of distinctive sound vibration transmitted to stimulate and guide cell function back to health.


cell resonance focused ultrasound

Ultrasound is a non-audible sound that is shaped to the resonance of the cell. By transmitting the distinctive sound vibratory resonance it will impact cell function which manifests into complete health.  

1. analysis (Quality of Health Analyzing Kit)

Record and report on distinctive sound vibration transmitted by stressful cells associated with disease to create a meaningful strategy of therapy. 

Nutritional shortages experienced by the cells are also expressed. The easy-to-understand report gives you access to a bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) comparison to monitor and evaluate progress. 

2. Therapy (RoyalVibe Focused Ultrasound)

The indoctrination of the cell resonance to obtain correct and optimal functionality is mostly done while sleeping. 

With medical history and recorded cell vibration, an individualized ultrasound prescription is generated manually in Germany by CellQuicken's medical division. 

3. hydration (Envirovibe water restructuring)

The water you drink can be energized by stripping the negative bonding by introducing unique sound vibrations for better hydration within the cells to enhance cell communication and oxygen uptake.

Water molecule bonding is created by the magnetic fields of the positive and negative ions determined by the energy vibration. 

4. mental programming (brainvibe)

Brain power is a mental belief and perception created by neuropathways that can be rewired to influence your potential for health, wealth and happiness. 

Neuropathways form your belief system and frame of reference. If you believe you cannot achieve or perform, you are probably right, as the Neuropathways withhold the ability to perform or achieve. The BrainVibe will stimulate your set limitations by reprogramming your mindset. 

We are in the business of changing lives for complete health.

product offering

equip yourself for health

By now you may want to take the next step. 

CellQuicken offers the complete solution in THREE products: 

1) The Quality of Health Analyzing Kit 2) RoyalVibe 3) EnviroVibe

about the

quality of health analyzing kit

The Kit consists of hardware, software, online reporting and comparisons of previous recordings. The sound signature is recorded by holding a probe in your hand, collecting data for 60 seconds. It is sufficient for interpretation and is displayed in a comprehensive graph comprising of 250 elements. Each of the elements have an easy to understand description for non-medical minded people to understand the impact of the reading. 

We are in the business of changing lives for complete health.

About THE


This device is an ultrasound generator that creates the therapeutic function of the prescribed treatment, designed by CellQuicken medical personnel in Germany. The RoyalVibe has a transmitter that lies next to the person whilst they are sleeping without any negative effects to a partner.

The transmission of the ultrasound is zoning in on the signatory sound of cells, organs, glands and functions as to indoctrinate the functionality of its origin.

The instruction of the generated ultrasound is sent via Bluetooth using a mobile app (Android and soon Apple), and has almost 7 000 preloaded treatments, as if it is a built-in pharmacy.

The application also holds more than 400 generic prescriptions which are commonly found in communities, for interim treatment.

We are in the business of changing lives for complete health.

About THE


The hydration of cells is vital to carry information throughout the body. By now we know our nervous system carries electrical current for systemic communication and hydration plays a significant role. When someone becomes dehydrated they are treated with products such as Rehydrate that has a lot of electrolytes to enter the cell for better cell communication. 

When the cell is well hydrated the natural electrolytes from salt and food particles enable optimal cell communication, enhancing the immune system. 

We are in the business of changing lives for complete health.

the unspoken truth

What is a health legacy?

When your children and grandchildren have long lasting health to strive for like mom and dad, grandpa and grandma. 

think about it

What year are you going to die?

Statistically, children die within a three year window period of when the parent dies. For example, if the mother dies at age 67, statistically the daughter will die between the ages of 64 and 70, and similarly, father and son.

Whose responsibility is it to change the perceived hereditary dying age of the family? Are you prepared to make the change?


is health really priceless?


being REMEMBERED is your priceless legacy!

How memorable are you going to be?

diagnosed death sentence

Being diagnosed with a life sentence one realizes that you will not get to experience life and building memories. The biggest regret of not taking action for my health is that I will not get to see my grandchildren. I will not be in his or her life, and no memories will be made. 

i need my parents to be healthy

I want to share every precious moment of my life with my parents. I want them there the day I get married. I want to see their joy when my first child is born. I want to love them, laugh with them and celebrate life with them. I need my parents to live a full life and continue creating and sharing more memories. I need my parents; my children need their grandparents. Life is invaluable!

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dr. raymond venter

With a PhD in Healthcare Science and PhD studies in Natural Medicine, Raymond specializes in energy remedy, and is an active CEO. Based in South Africa, Dubai and the USA. 

dr. alexandra araujo

As a medical doctor, she specializes in anti-ageing and is a post-graduate nutrition specialist who believes anti-ageing involves keeping the cell alive for longer. She is a Medical Director and heads that department in Germany.


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