Why establishing a health baseline is a “critical” starting point for achieving future goals?

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Why not choose good health now? Why not make the right choice for complete wellness? Receive the right strategies to change from symptomatic treatment to treating the cause of your ill health.

But how do you know what the right strategies are if your Doctor is not telling you what is wrong with you?

Establishing a health baseline is a critical starting point for achieving your future health goals. The baseline serves as a comparison between your current and future health. By knowing what is presently happening in your body can enable you to change those modifiable factors which will enable you to have better health and better future health.

Your health baseline consists of two basic components, being existing illness and potential future illness.

Your current baseline is been shaped by your medical, social and family history, and this is constantly being influenced by common factors in our everyday life.

So, why is it then so important to determine your personal health baseline?

In my previous article, I mentioned factors contributing towards a healthy outcome.  But, to have a healthy outcome, a baseline must be developed. There are two fundamental components to good health:

  1. Appropriate treatment for current illness

  2. Appropriate preventative care to reduce health decline in the future

While most people seek care for the former, we often forget how important the latter is. By taking appropriate, preventative health-care steps, you can avoid the need for prescription medications, hospitalizations and procedures. It can help ensure a longer, healthier life.

Your Personal wellness goals:

Many wellness goals start with a change in diet and following an exercise regime. It is very important that you consult a qualified specialist before you start making these changes in order to do so in a safe, effective manner. Wellness does not only include diet and exercise, it also includes mental and emotional health.

The above is just a start of many things that need to be assessed and addressed as part of your health baseline. Together, you and you Medical Doctor and qualified Specialist can prioritize your health problems and determine effective interventions.

Start taking charge of your health now. It is the right thing to do.

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