What is Frequency Healing and how it works?

Frequency Healing refers to a type of treatment that started developing many decades ago based on theories of resonance and vibration. It is a unique, effective modality separate from other forms of vibrational healing such as sound or colour therapy. The approach identifies the frequency of health and illness and seeks to amplify the first and diminish the second. Through the use of electromagnetic waves carrying signature frequencies that are used in very specific ways, the conditions that allowed disease to progress are changed.


The theory is that all matter vibrates at a particular rate, emitting a specific frequency that distinguishes it from all other matter. The specific frequency representing a particular item is called its signature frequency. This is not an esoteric concept: astrophysicists determine the atmospheric content of different planets by measuring frequencies emitted from the surface and comparing it to the spectro-analysis of various gases to find the match.

In medicine, diagnostic machinery such as the electro-encephalograph (EEG) and the electro-cardiogram (EKG) are based on identifying changes to the normal frequency emitted by the brain and heart respectively.

In addition, dentists use frequency probes to identify if the nerve of a tooth is dead or alive; chiropractors use frequency to detect proper alignment of vertebrae.

Frequency healing takes this basic identification process one step further. It has identified the signature frequencies of various viruses, bacteria, and diseases along with the signature frequency of healthy organs and tissue. Even thoughts and emotions have been identified.

Disease is seen as misinformation; the body has moved away from health because of an error of information. Restoration is achieved through the use of a device that supplies a radio wave imprinted with the desired frequency to the body.


Support immune system and wellness

The result is restoration of the body’s information system and a return to normal metabolic function. Frequency can be applied to disrupt undesirable entities such as a virus or bacteria through a process of amplification, similar to the way an opera singer can break a glass.

The glass resonates to a particular tone; amplifying that tone beyond the level of energy that the glass can absorb causes it to shatter. The same can be done to bacteria and virus by engulfing them with a frequency resonant with their own signature frequency at an amplitude beyond their ability to absorb.

This type of frequency warfare I do not consider to be a very advanced use of this technology, however. A more cohesive use is to use frequency to support health.

Optimal health can be supported by providing desired frequency at the desired amplitude. For example, if someone suffers a cold, rather than bombard the body with a frequency to disrupt the virus, a frequency would be supplied that supports the immune system which in turn deals with the virus.

When the body resonates with this, it creates ideal conditions for health. The use of frequency for healing is the cutting edge of integrated New-Health modalities.

Frequency, as I’ve said, is delivered to the body on an energy carrier that has been imprinted by a frequency generating machine. The carrier wave passes it via conductors to the person. Typical carriers are radio waves. This may sound weird, however, energy waves as information carriers are used all the time, for example radios, cell phones, Wi-Fi, are all examples of using energy to carry information. In fact, some of these waves can cause dis-ease to people who closely expose themselves to the devices creating these frequencies. These frequencies are not healthy for the body because it disrupts the higher, healthier frequency in the human.


Theories and mechanisms

In the 1940s Dr. Harold Saxton Burr, a neuroanatomist at Yale proposed the existence of an organizing field. He developed his theory after studying the electric field around plants and animals, particularly salamanders. He discovered that each salamander had an electrical field around it with an axis that was aligned to the brain and spinal cord. He saw the same axis in the field around the developing embryo, complete with a positive and negative pole.

He tagged cells with dye and watched under a microscope while manipulating polarities. In this way he was able to determine that a surrounding field organized the developing embryo. Changes in the field pre-empted changes in differentiation. In this model, the energy field acts as an information template for physical matter. Burr called this a morphegenic field, or life-generating field.

British biologist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake furthered this theory to explain an anomaly of species evolution commonly called the ‘Hundredth Monkey’ effect. Information is stored as frequency and new information changes the frequency of the field.

A field theory of frequency healing would suggest that introducing signature frequency into the energy field of an organism changes its organizing template and therefore state of health. I will leave you to think about that one.


Frequency healing methods of today

New frequency healing devices centre now on the interaction between our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs and their impact on our energy template. Several combine biofeedback with signature frequencies. It is worth watching Dr Bruce Lipton on YouTube to further understand these advances in science.

In the biofeedback-type machine, a computer program holds known signature frequencies for diseases, organs, thoughts, emotions, health states, viruses, bacteria, etc. Using subtle radio waves as a carrier, the frequencies are introduced to the body in 1/100th of a second intervals, never causing harm, merely measuring its reaction.

The biofeedback component of the machine measures the body’s reactivity to each frequency and presents a read out of the body’s reactions. The readout does not tell a person what frequencies are present in his or her body; it tells which frequencies elicited reactions.

A person may react to a frequency for many reasons. For example, someone may react to the frequency of tuberculosis because either they have it, were exposed to it, are afraid of it, work in a tuberculosis clinic, developed a tuberculosis vaccine, or any other number of reasons.

The fact that they react to the frequency doesn’t tell us why; only points out that it’s important in that person’s health. The job of the Integrated New-Health practitioner is to investigate the picture and define the areas needing attention.

The machine is not disease-diagnostic; it is indicative of system directions to investigate. These systems are not vibrating at their current frequency, for whatever reason.

In addition to providing diagnostic directions, the machines provide frequencies to promote healing and balance the body-mind. It directs the attention to emotional issues and as the person processes the emotions, it helps clear them from the bio-field. The machine does not cure disease or heal emotional pain; it creates an optimal environment for self-awareness and self-healing where diseases can no longer exist.


Concluding thoughts about change

One of the most exciting aspects of this type of device like Raymond Venter’s CellQuicken that is being manufactured in Pretoria, is that they train our minds to support our health. None of the frequencies that support health in the body are foreign to us; they are innate and organic. We are simply not aware of them.

Raymond Venter’s frequency machine trains us to use our minds to promote our health and wellbeing. We have a clear choice in front of us. We can accept the status quo and ridicule this technology that can help us, or, we can change our belief in our old modality of illness and become masters of our minds and begin to creatively interact with matter using vibration.

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    Hi, We have a cellquicken instrument that we don't use due to lack of knowledge. how or where can we ask for assistance. we are both paased the age of 65 and would realy like to make use and have value from the investment. Regards, Adriaan.

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