What is, and how does Ultrasound Healing work?

According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, 528 Hertz is a frequency that is central to the “musical mathematical matrix of creation.” More than any sound previously discovered, the “LOVE frequency” resonates at the heart of everything.

Senior chiropractic patient gets relief from neck pain through ultrasound technology.

To start, let us say, that everything is vibration. From the chair that you may be sitting in to the paper or the computer mouse you are holding, everything is in a state of vibration. This is not a new idea. Your ancient mystics have known this for many a millennium, but now your scientists starting with Max Plank are beginning to understand this and agree. If you agree with this concept, it is a wonderful start to becoming healthy for the rest of your life – it will even extend your life span.

From the electrons spinning around the nucleus of an atom, to the planets spinning around suns in the galaxy, everything is in movement. Everything is in vibration frequency.

What is illness?

Mostly, emotional issues that are unresolved, block the healing vibrations which causes the disease state to manifest. If your body is in the healthy Love vibration which is a higher vibration that negative emotional vibrations, your body will naturally remain healthy.

Every object has a natural vibratory rate. This is called its resonance. One of the basic principles of using frequencies as a transforming and healing modality, is to understand the idea that every part of the body is in a state of its own vibration. Every organ, every bone, every tissue, every system — are all in a state of their own vibration. Now, when we are in a state of health, the body puts out an overall harmonic of health. However, when a frequency that is counter to our health, sets itself up in some portion of the body, it creates a disharmony that we call dis-ease.

What is the mechanism for healing?


When two systems are oscillating at different frequencies, there is an impelling force called resonance that causes the two to transfer energy from one to another – from the higher frequency to the lower one. When two similarly tuned systems vibrate at different frequencies, there is another aspect of this energy transfer called entrainment, which causes them to line up and to vibrate at the same frequency.” Let me use an example.

Consider oxygen. It is something that we use every day, and each of us realize how crucial it is to our survival, yet we unable to experience it with touch, taste, smell, hearing or feelings. The fact that we can't experience it with these senses certainly doesn't mean it doesn't exist. We know it does. The reason that we are unable to sense it with our physical sensory perception, is because it's rate of vibration is outside of our physical ability to do so.

It's interesting that the latest modern quantum physics theory, born only a decade or so ago, arrives at a similar conclusion. It is called String Theory and it basically suggests that the physical universe is built out of sound vibrations, kind of like everything is the result of some huge cosmic guitar being played somewhere. It's a mind-blowing concept that is held by some of the sharpest minds in the physics community, including Steven Hawking.

Low frequencies, and frequencies that are out of balance, cause illness. By using frequency healing tools, you can help correct those imbalances, even before they create disease. Frequency healing tools are complimentary to each other and unlike modern medicine, have no negative side effects.

Any positive emotion causes a cell to vibrate at a higher frequency and negative vibrations cause the cells to vibrate at lower frequency. If these emotions are not dealt with effectively, they are stored in the cells of the body as diseases and lower your overall bodily frequency, causing your body to become acidic, which in turn invites diseases into the lowest vibrating areas in your body.

As Einstein, has shown us, everything in the world is made up of energy. We are all constantly vibrating masses of microscopic particles that are always in motion. Every object, person and organ has a healthy vibration rate called resonance. If that vibration is out of resonance, disease results. These imbalances can be treated with frequencies.

Using vibration as a healing practice has existed for centuries. Techniques include sound and colour therapy, magnet therapy, homeopathy and even acupuncture. All these are based on the belief in an underlying life force. They are often grouped together into the category of energy medicine.

One technology, Frequency Healing which is my New-Health speciality, is gaining acceptance today after being an underground treatment for the past 100 years. The current changing of paradigm and advances in science and technology have provided the opportunity for this modality to create an important medicine for everyone not only in the future but right now.

Shifting Paradigms in Medicine

Healing techniques are linked to the paradigm and technology of their time; the history of one is the history of the other. While every culture in the world has a name for life force complete with a philosophy to understand it and a method for utilizing it, unexplainably, life force has not been accepted in the current model of medicine. Frequency Healing was discovered at the turn of the 20th century, but a change in scientific paradigm was necessary before these ideas could be fully developed.

Einstein was at the forefront of this shift when he mathematically proved that energy and matter are the same substance, differentiated only by rates of vibration. The equation E=MC₂ not only changed physics, but the scope of this new vision changed the world we live in.

In the words of David Bodanis: “From medical devices that detect tumours, to household smoke alarms, to the origin of the stars, to the death of the solar system, the E=MC₂ equation provides the short answer to our existence.”

In the terrain of healing, Einstein’s theory opened the door to a new description of health and illness, a description based on vibration and organizing fields.

Today’s medical research is focusing on two new areas of exploration; bio-electromagnetics, the electrical and electromagnetic fields produced by living cells, and bio-photons, the production of light by living cells. Einstein told us that all matter is vibration.

The electromagnetic field produced by a cell reflects the frequency of its vibration. Recent studies show that the activity of stem cells, prized for their ability to differentiate into any cell type in the body, can be controlled by manipulating cellular electrical signals.

This opens the door to a new type of treatment for all disease processes.

According to quantum physics, light and frequency are the building blocks of matter. Bio-photons are the light of life, the essence of a cell. Scientists are deciphering a cellular language based on light frequency.

Medicine is asking the question, “Can the communicating and organizing field of health be related to electromagnetism and light?” The answer is the same as in ancient healing practices: the basic quality of life is energetic. Light and frequency, hold the key to vibrational healing.

Dr. Abrams, the man who originally discovered the principles of Frequency Healing, lived during the big push to switch from gas to electrification. He described healing energy as an electric current. Researchers who arrived on the scene in the 1950s and the advent of nuclear physics described healing energy as radiation. Today, considering quantum physics we describe healing in terms of wave-particle duality and holography.

Quantum physics describes the world as holographic. In it, energy and matter are directed by the focus of the mind, combined with the power of emotion and intention.

The Superstring Theory proposes that everything in the universe, from galaxies to subatomic particles, is made up of microscopic strands of vibrating energy termed Strings. The deepest, most indivisible level of matter is patterns of vibration that provide form and property.

Physicist, Brian Greene, explains that all the different properties of particles

that make up matter are “the manifestation of one and the same physical feature – the resonant patterns of vibration—the music, so to speak – of fundamental loops of string”

From its inception, nearly a century ago, Frequency Healing has been ridiculed and suppressed. The pioneers who pressed forward to bring it to the public were defamed; As it would also upset the huge financial machine called health care including pharmaceutical companies.

Times have changed and all our modern hospitals are using quantum analysing in their scanning equipment like the MRI and CAT.

The door has opened and as a future medical technology, Frequency Healing is now offering better detection of system illness, new inexpensive treatment options, and most importantly, put health options back into the hands of people – Self-Health-Care.

Raymond Venter holds the key of this new health advancement with the CellQuicken RoyalVibe device.


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