Raymond Venter has the scientist mind, he is an inventor and manufacturer of the CellQuicken device and the sole director of the CellQuicken company.

Raymond created the CellQuicken frequency device and immediately healed his father from cancer. And so, the story began.

Many sufferers of all types of dreaded and other diseases bare witness via their testimonials on this website. Raymond has not let-up on his research, creativity and imagination.

Since Einstein gave the world E=MC₂ Raymond has taken this vital information via the latest technology to extraordinary heights coming out with the latest version of his invention called CellQuicken RoyalVibe only a few months ago, and was sold out in one day.

Raymond is a humble man, who wants to help individuals create a self-worth legacy as he has done for himself. He believes that unveiling your self-worth legacy is key to health and wealth.

Raymond Quotes:

“Self-worth is not an easy subject to be talking about, as it is a sacred and nurtured feeling. We all have our own unforgettable story from our childhood that we need to recover from as adults, that lingers, influencing our self-worth. Our own self-worth is mirrored in how we educate and discipline our children. It comes out in a myriad of different ways in our life, like in road rage, how we deal with our colleagues, the talking down to others, even the forgiveness granted to those that do not deserve it – ultimately it all ends up in our health”.

This is easier said than done. This is the reason why we all need support or assistance from not only someone who has achieved this feat but has created a device that assists everyone who moves out from the old Newtonian paradigm of thinking into the free-living quantum lifestyle.

“If I can get others to the point where self-worth is realized and achieved, then I believe, I have not only influenced their self-confidence, but also their health and legacy”, says Raymond.

He continues: “Your legacy is ultimately what you stand for and how committed you are. With self-worth, you have the guts to be the high tree and be seen for what you stand for. That same self-worth will be the reason why you will take care of your health. Your last few months alive are the most vivid in your loved one’s minds. You are in control of how you will be remembered. Whether being sickly or energetic, will alter those memories drastically”.

Your choice in life and lifestyle will influence your current quality of life and your legacy. So, let your every choice be a healthy one to sculpt your legacy of self-worth.